Friday, September 11, 2015

Meeting new friends through a headache.

The pattern for sale has been removed. Cheers to all of the supporters I have met over on Instagram! One in particular is Faye at Little Dove Designs. She has some amazing cross stitch patterns in her shop, and is a very talented crochet artist as well. Below is a photo from her blog of a beautiful daisy blanket she created using the daisy pattern as her base. Really lovely.

Photo Courtesy of Little Dove Designs.

9/11 Never forget.

A day of remembrance and hope for peace and freedom.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Here we go again...

According to spitspotloves Facebook page, they are currently "writing the pattern" for this lovely daisy heart that has been available - for free - online for months. They should rename their shop spitspot loves to copy others for profit.

Head over to for the free version.

Finishing up a new daisy blanket

I am almost finished with a new pink daisy blanket I have been working on with a new customer over at my Etsy shop. She is a breast cancer survivor and is including the blanket in a daisy themed basket for a silent auction. She sent me her logo:

And I supplied a new version of the daisy based on her gerbera-type daisy used in the logo:

Ultimately, she went with the original daisy, but I really like how this on came out, and will definitely be using it in a new blanket.

BTW, the Get In Touch Foundation is a breast health nonprofit organization and the Get In Touch Girls' Program & Daisy Wheel teaches girls in grades 5-12 the importance of and how to do a breast self exam.

What a wonderful cause! 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Instagram steps up.

Multi-Color Camera

Kudos to Instagram for removing my photo from the perpetrator's page! Sadly, I will have to start watermarking photos...
I have been away for quite awhile! We are finally settling in after our move to the country (more of a forest really), and the kids are in school again. I will try to get back into the swing of posting on this blog.

I also have ulterior motives to start posting again as a fellow Etsian has informed me of a person across the pond who is selling my free daisy pattern and blanket design. I have informed this person that it is a copyrighted pattern as well as the fact that it is just rude and insulting to those of us who share our creativity. They have also copied and are using a photo from my blog. (Again, please do not pull my images from this site! They are my own intellectual property.) Thank you to all who have asked permission to link to this site, and to those who have noted credit to tillie tulip where credit is due.

I contacted the owner at and politely asked them to take down the pattern. I have not received a response. They are referring to it as the "lazy daisy". The only thing lazy about it is the person who has stolen the free pattern and is selling it for profit. Hopefully, they will find a conscience, do what is right, and stop selling others' designs. I left word on their Instagram feed ( as well, but have since been blocked. People never cease to amaze me.

Again, this pattern is FREE. Please help keep it that way.:

Daisy tutorial