Monday, December 28, 2020

Special Christmas Gift

My uncle - who has always been a healthy and active person - has been struggling with a whole mess of health problems these past several years stemming from an infection he got after a surgery. His lungs have been deteriorating to the point he needed a lung transplant. Thankfully (after months of testing) he was approved and shortly thereafter received a new lung. 

On his 5 month anniversary of receiving the lung, he went on a 5 mile hike! I'm sure it hasn't been easy, but he makes it look that way. He's such a strong person, and I'm so happy he is finally feeling as good as he does.

For Christmas, I wanted to make him a blanket. Since I can't give him a big hug because of COVID-19, I'll let my blanket do the hugging :)

I had lots of blues and greens in my stash, and since he and my aunt are so outdoorsy, I went with those in a random granny square pattern. The colors reminded me of the sea, sky and nature in general. I just kept mixing the colors until I had enough squares (great stash buster too).  I think it came out quite nice.

Hope everyone is having a happy holiday season. 2021 can't get here fast enough!

This was my chaos. It was controlled chaos, but I'm sure this would make some crazy :) Reusable shopping bags and laundry baskets make great holders while you are working on a project. My current work in progress is a baby blanket with the scraps. Stop back to see how that turns out.