Wednesday, September 26, 2012

EtsyMom Color Palette Challenge

I am on a team called EtsyMoms over at Etsy. They are having a challenge for anyone on the team to come up with a creation using one of the three color combinations below.

You must enter your product on October 8. I like all of these color palettes, however, I've decided to go with the first one - I really like the blue, chocolate and lime - and I think it would make a lovely granny blanket? I'll be sure to post my entry when I come up with something. What a fun idea!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Great idea,can't wait to see your.I know , is going to be wonderful :D ....I will love to make something too......but I'm not an Etsy member... 8 days ....uffff,I can't.....but later I will do something and posted for youin my blog....;D
    I like row # 3.

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