Sunday, September 23, 2012

Daisies and mermaids

I'm almost finished with my first daisies on purple afghan for my Etsy customer, Angela. I really like how the purples make the daisy pop. Two more rows of squares and then onto the edging...

(I used Caron One Pound lilac, lavender blue, jonquil, white and off white)

If you are new to the site, you can find the daisy pattern here.

My daughter, Tillie, said she would like to be a "princess mermaid" for Halloween. I had never done the "crocodile" stitch before, but I knew that I had to use it for her mermaid tail. I've decided to make a straight skirt with some kind of pleated fin (so she can walk!) I'm still working on mastering this stitch - so I'll figure out the fin when I get there...

I found this pattern at You must sign up to gain access, but they have some really lovely free patterns at their site. The Mermaid Tears Purse was the exact size I needed for Tillie's skirt, so I did not need to figure out how to alter the pattern before beginning. 

By the way, this is a fun stitch to do. The only difficult part is manipulating your work for the first "5dc down..." It's such a great scaly looking pattern though!


  1. Happy Sunday,crocodile stitch is beautiful,I have made a hood long time ago and it came out beautiful.A skirt has to be gorgeous. Also you tube has great Tutorials for this crocodile stitch.You are doing a great and fabulous job with the daisies squares , I love them.will see when I can make a few of them,obviously I will link your blog,first I will have to decide what project I will make....could be a small blanket .....not sure yet.Thanks for all you share with us.

  2. Sorry , forgot , you are welcome to use any pattern from my blog.Thanks !

  3. Love the new pattern. It looks a lot like a pattern I saw once on Ravelry. Love the purple grannies!

  4. Muhteşem görünüyor battaniye elinize sağlık.

  5. I love the Princess Mermaid idea! My girls would be all over that!!! Can't wait to see you finished project.

  6. In your photo, it looks like you are working the skirt from the top down, but the purse directions clearly go from the bottom up. Did you modify your stitch or is it just a trick of the photo?