Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How to create a tassel - add fringe

Whenever I need to add a tassel to a crochet project, I always go for the DVDs.

No more measuring or cutting cardboard. Just pull out a DVD (this is my all-time favorite!) and wrap your yarn, however many times you would like your thickness to be, from side to side. Start and end where the DVD opens. This way when you are finished wrapping, there is a perfect little slot for you to insert your scissors and snip.

Fold the strings in half and hold at the halfway point. Insert hook where you would like to add the fringe and pull the strings at the midpoint partially through.

Wrap the bottom of the fringe around the hook and pull through the loop.

Tighten the tassel to secure.

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  1. Thank you so much for the DVD tip! I just added TONS of fringe to an afghan I made for my husband. I used an acrylic square (a ruler from my quilting supplies) to wrap, but it wasn't easy to cut the ends (scissors scratched my ruler, ends became uneven). I will certainly use the DVD case the next time!