Saturday, January 26, 2013

A butterfly variation

I'm finishing up a purple patchwork blanket for a very nice customer over at my Etsy shop. She asked if I could add a butterfly to it, so I used a pattern by Teresa over at CrochetGeek, but I altered it slightly. Here is my finished flutterby.

My variation: I used three colors and added a third round of the lilac color using a sc and 2 ch picot in the middle of each wing on the last round.


  1. Oh my Gosh !...this is the colors,good combination.The butterfly it is a nice and cute detail.

  2. Hello,
    I've been an avid follower of your amazing blog for so long and I am just in awe at your amazing work and wonderful colour choices! I was wandering what brand you use for wool or where you buy it from? I just can't seem to find the bright, vibrant colours you use and my projects just don't look the same with dull creams and beiges.
    Thank you for having such a quality blog, don't ever stop doing what you're doing!
    Sue. <3

    1. Hi Sue, Thanks so much for your kind note. The majority of yarns that I have been using in my shop and blog are of the acrylic variety. I do have a large cotton stash and wool pile, but I have found for most customers they are interested in a washable and affordable fiber. With that said, there are amazing colors in all types of yarns, but I think you have to be willing to mix brands to obtain the biggest variety of vibrant colors. Some of the brighter acrylic yarns I like to use: Caron One Pound (soft pink, jonquil, iris) Hobby Lobby (pink, hot rose, limelight, orange, turquoise, peacock, buttercup, grape) Red Heart (shocking pink, perfect pink, delft blue, turqua, spring green). As for cottons, blends and wools, there are too many to list...sometimes you can find good deals at WEBS - they have beautiful colors as well. I hope that helps! Have a lovely rest of your weekend.