Thursday, May 3, 2012

Purple progress

Here's where I'm at with my shades of purple hearts in bloom blanket:

A pile of purple (and some white)! I've acquired several new granny square patterns that I'll use in this afghan for the first time. I think that's part of the fun of creating a sampler - everything is a little different and each one of these blanket is never the same as the last.

As I drove to pick up my son from school I saw a sign that read 85 degrees! Just last week it was in the 40s... I'm enjoying a little Vitamin D today. Hope you are too.


  1. Those colors look luscious and the patterns look like fun. I'll be eager to see the finished afghan!

  2. Thanks Sweet Posy! I'll be sure to post as I go. This one is a throw size, so I need a lot more squares!

  3. This is just the colors, the pattern. How pretty and feminine:)