Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Finishing up some projects and starting some new

I finally finished my huge purple flower afghan. Wow, was it big and boy, did it take awhile, but it was so pretty when it was finished. I sent it off to my customer yesterday. I hope she likes it.

I also completed another custom order. In this one, I used colors similar to a supplied photo:

You can see the original bedding image in my previous post.

Two more custom orders to go plus a new one that came in today...

I received a message from a very nice customer in Maine. I've worked with her on several blankets. She asked if I could create something for a friend's child who has just been diagnosed with cancer. He is one year old. It breaks my heart to think of a little child with such an awful disease. I tried to think of something special and came up with this schematic:

This is a rough draft, so I'll be tweaking as I go, but I hope I can bring it to life! I tried to think of something that might brighten a one year old's day. If you have any other suggestions, I'm open to them! Hope everyone is having a bright and cheery day as well :)


  1. Thank you Sweet Posy! Weaving in the tails was the only drag. It was fun to try something new.

  2. Laura, the purple flower afghan is GORGEOUS! Wow

  3. Can you please post the pattern? I tried to modify the Daisy, but it is an epic fail. :(

    1. Hello Laura I just love the purple flower afghan. May I ask how you made the flower centre? Did you do two rows of popcorn stitch? I would really like to try this square with your permission. Thank you dear. Hope you have a good day

    2. Hi Vera, I used a variation (just added rounds/colors to make it a larger block) of a pattern here: