Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring is springing

At least it seems that way for the moment. It's a beautiful day here in Wilowick and the buds on the trees are starting to open. It could always snow tomorrow, because that's just how it goes in Northeastern Ohio, but I'll take what I can get. I really love the change of seasons, and this sunshine is making everyone happy!

Here's a new view from my window.

I had to take a break from the blog as I have been feverishly working on several custom afghan orders that seem to all be due around the same time! I'll be back soon with an update and maybe a new tutorial.

Hope everyone is having a cheerful day!


  1. Yay for spring! I feel like it's spring here in northern Illinois, but we face the same uncertainty as you do in Ohio. We have had snow as late as April and even early May!

    1. I hope you had the same beautiful day we had here - it was unbelievable for this time of year. Keep your fingers crossed that they keep coming. We're allowed to have a mild winter from time to time! Have a wonderful night.